Special Arts and Creativity Events/Concerts

Drum Classes with Linda Marie
Tuesdays in January, under the oak tree.

Please follow social distancing guidelines and bring a mask.  

 Djembe Drum  4:00-5:00pm  Drum Circle Grooves for new drummers. January 5,12,19,26. Learn to play easy rhythms. Drop in: $15 Pregister: $10


Frame Drum 10:00 - 11:30 Intermediate For drummers familiar with the Tar. Ongoing class. $10 per lesson. This 4-week beginner series begins with a 90 minute workshop on the basics, followed by 3 one hour sessions of rhythms for meditation, procession and performance. We'll be learning lap-style, and all the strokes and their connection to earth, water, fire and air.



For more info contact Linda Marie DrumEnglewood@gmail.com 941-406-6888

Linda Marie has been playing & teaching the Tar Frame Drum for 6 years. She combines studies from her teachers, Layne Redmond, Glen Valez, Inanna, and River Gueguerian to create a well-rounded program that will easily have you playing and loving this drum. Other drum classes will be scheduled soon!

Frame drums were played chiefly by women in the ancient Middle East, Greece and Rome and reached medieval Europe through Islamic culture. It is one of the earliest drums you can find in images or text sources. As women discover their history, and the importance they once held in Matriarchal times, the frame drum has seen a resurgence in popularity. I will be teaching the Tar, which is an Arabic drum commonly played in the Middle East and North Africa. All cultures have a frame drum, which has a drumhead wider than its’ depth. From the bodhran in Ireland to a Native American drum to a Daf in Iran to a Tamburello in Italy, these are all considered frame drums

Where can you find a 10",12" or 14" Remo frame drum? --www.westmusic.com