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New: "Refuge Recovery" -- Sundays 6-7pm

We are a community of people who are using the practices of mindfulness, compassion, and forgiveness to heal the pain and suffering that addiction has caused our lives and the lives of our loved ones. This class benefits anyone who is has been personally affected by any form of addiction. "Addiction is the repetitive process of habitually satisfying cravings to avoid, change, or control the seeming unbearable conditions of the present moment. This process of craving and indulgence provides short term relief bu causes long term harm.It is a source of suffering for both the addict and those that care about the addict. "Refuge Recovery utilizes Buddhist principles and Mindfulness to learn about the causes of addiction and the path to recovery. During the meetings, we will have discussions, meditation, and sharing with others. We seek to provide a safe and confidential space. COST Donations only - $5 or whatever one can afford. CONTACT:

AWESOMEover60: Accomplished Women Exploring Self-actualizing Opportunities, Making a Difference, Ever-Evolving, presents small and large gatherings which focus on topics of interest to women. We give voice to the Silent Generation, 1929-1945, and Baby Boomers,1946-1964, as together we reflect on the past, live in the moment, and shape our future.For more info:

 "Self-Care: the gift you give yourself" continues as expert speakers provide information integral to living well.   


POSTPONED/ NO PROGRAM IN MARCH Thursday, March 19 Celebrating Women’s History Month: Women of the Silent Generation tell their stories” A panel of local women will start the conversation for all to participate. We are the “youngest older” generation in history. Our perspectives are essential to change society’s view of who we are and where we’re going. As told by author, Mary Pipher, “Women Rowing North.” “We can claim our power and secure respect for older women in three primary ways. First, we can take responsibility for educating other people about both the negative stereotypes and the reality of our lives. We can resolve not to criticize ourselves or other women or make negative remarks about aging or appearance. We can state out loud: “What you ust said about older women doesn’t mesh with the women I know.”

It’s all about”…navigating life’s currents and flourishing as we age.”

Thank you to Ann, an AWESOME woman, who suggested Mary Pipher’s book to me. I can’t put it down! JMW


Thursday, April 16, 2020, 2:00 – 3:30pm NOTE change of venue: St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, 508 Riviera Street, on the island. “Walking the Labyrinth: Release, Receive, Return” A presentation inside the church entrance by Jane Marin, Certified Labyrinth Docent, followed by the experience of walking the labyrinth. This program is limited to 11 women. If there is greater interest, AWESOMEover60 will sponsor a second date.



Reservations $10 per session, 941-497-0417, 201-970-5350

Joan Wright, AWESOMEover60 Founder, brings her extensive experiences of a career in the private, public, and non-profit sectors to the discussion as well as those in her personal life including grief and loss. At age 80, she begins again as are many women in the Venice area.