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Second Sunday Discussion Series (1-3pm):

Undoing Racism: America’s Most Challenging Issue

Our goals are to increase knowledge and understanding about systemic and individual racism in the United States; to become keenly aware of our own unconscious conditioning and implicit biases; to develop the skills necessary to interrupt our conditioning and biases and to help us to see everyone as valuable contributors to our human family.

Led by Dennis Davis, a member of the Baha’i Faith from Sarasota.


Dennis has been facilitating diversity workshops since 1987 and truly believes in the oneness of humankind. Dennis believes that unconscious exclusive behavior hurts everyone, and that it’s not just the occasional riot or hate crime that impacts us the most. He believes that it is the daily dose of tension, suspicion, and distrust that eats away at human potential. He also believes that frank and honest consultation among diverse groups of Americans will set such a powerful example, that it will encourage peace and cooperation around the world.


Dennis’ most recent diversity post was serving as the National Diversity Specialty Consultant for the YMCA of the USA. While serving in this capacity, his responsibilities included: connecting with members of the Diversity Champion Network, enhancing the association’s ability to accomplish the Y’s mission of inclusion, leading workshops, giving presentations to help others gain competence regarding the Diversity Initiative and cultural competence.