VHCC Practitioners Offering Private Sessions

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Friday, By Appointment: Astrology Session with Celia Marion, M. Ed., Psychological Astrologer. Your astrological birth chart is a mirror—a guide—to a deep pool of wisdom and inner knowing. View your life story through the lens of psychological astrology and come to a place of greater self-awareness and understanding so you can live life with more authentic self- expression and inner peace. Fee: $75-$25 donation to the Center. By appointment only. Initial sessions are 90 minutes. A recording is provided. Contact: Celia Marion: celia.marion@verizion.net 941- 484-2571. See also:www.celiamarionastrologer.com. Celia Marion, M. Ed., has a diploma from the Academy of AstroPsychology. The Academy of AstroPsychology combines the fields of Astrology and Psychology and the Jungian concepts of archetypes and synchronicity. NO SESSIONS 10/4 AND 10/11


Private Sessions with Deborah Trueheart: Compassionate, wholeness-based private counseling sessions help access your inner wisdom, release old patterns, connect with divine guidance, align with soul intention and live more fully into your authentic state of beauty, divinity, and wholeness. Deborah has devoted the last twenty years to the study of psychology, holism, metaphysics, process therapy, spirituality, evolution of consciousness and the healing process. She holds degrees in Mental Health and Behavioral Science. Fee: $75.00 an hour. It is beneficial and recommended to schedule 3 private sessions at a time. 3 sessions: $200.00 (savings of 25.00) Sessions in person, phone, or by video call. To schedule, Call 941-281-8103 (Sliding scale available) email: debtrueheart@gmail.com credit cards accepted.



Kevin Mooney: Energy Healing & Chakra Rebalancing is a modality practiced by the ancient Tibetan Buddhists. It was reintroduced to the western world by a Japanese Buddhist Monk using the term Reiki which translates to, Universal Life Energy. This modality heals in a wide variety of ways: from simply easing pain and stress to replacing fear with peace in order to make necessary changes in one's life. The cost of one session is $80 but multiple sessions, if needed, can be arranged at a discounted package rate. To set up an appointment please contact Kevin@LeprechaunInc.com. Kevin Mooney is a Poet, Author and Ordained Minister with an eclectic life experience. He is a certified Reiki Master and has been practicing Energy Healing and Chakra Re-Balancing for over 20 years. His mission is to aid the energy of a spiritual being to keep the balance needed to remain manifest in this world with the courage to complete one's individual mission.