Venice Mindfulness Meditation Community

The VMMC provides a loving community that nurtures and supports the teaching and continuing practice of mindfulness meditation and its application in daily life. All classes by donation so all can attend. Suggested donation $10 or one monthly donation. All are welcome.  Call 941-323-8033 for info about Meditation classes.

See also our Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Course.

TEMPORARILY ON HOLD DUE TO HEALTH CONCERNS. MONDAYS starting January 2 - 3:30: New book class (ongoing or drop in)  Mindfulness Meditation: Inner Peace, Loving Kindness for Ourselves and the World. Our snowbird season focus will be on bringing mindful presence, kindness and compassion to an earth filled with divisiveness and suffering. We begin with meditation. Our reference book is Welcoming the Unwelcome, Wholehearted Living in a Brokenhearted World by Pema Chodron. For new and experienced practitioners. We'll bring our hearts and practice together to be an energy of positive change in the world.

See Wednesday and Saturday classes on the Blue Lotus Center page.


SUNDAYS, 4-5:30pm: Buddhist Wisdom For Everyday Life, a secular class.

The basic teachings of Buddhism can make our lives more workable and give us an enlightened perspective. A chance to meditate as well as a time to explore teachings that are designed to lead us to peace and happiness. Come join us in listening and discussing ideas that are life transforming. One can benefit from Buddhist teachings without having to become a Buddhist.  NO CLASS 3/1


Research has shown that meditation is helpful in reducing anxiety, depression and for deep relaxation. The teachings of Buddhism also are designed to relieve human suffering and help us become more caring human beings. These teachings can clarify the mind and help us dispel painful illusions that make us unhappy and create separation between ourselves and others. Buddhism describes precisely how holding false beliefs about ourselves and about life creates emotional pain for human beings and offers a way to change these beliefs so that one can find peace in one's life. Led by Led by Monk San, Bhante Chan, Jim Piekarski and Jillaurie Crane.

Last SUNDAY (1-3:30pm) and (NEW) Fourth THURSDAY (1-3pm) of the Month: Silent Meditation Retreat. You can attend all or one part. Silent sitting and walking meditation.  For those who have meditation experience. Call for more information: 941 323 8033. Suggested donation for each period is $10 all are welcome regardless of ability to donate. Date may sometimes change due to holidays.

INTERMEDIATE BUDDHIST STUDIES for those with a minimum of two years practice. Call 941-323-8033 for information.

Monthly Tergar Practice & Discussion Group

For those interested in adding Open Awareness Practice to their mindfulness meditation from the Tibetan tradition as taught by Migyur Rinpoche -- Learn to rest in our natural mind state of peace and joy, and how to use your thoughts and emotions as support for your meditation. For information about Tergar and our planned mini-retreats call: 941-615-7613.

Special Workshop: Opening The Heart with George Hughes -5/23 - 5/24 9:00 am - 5:00 pm with the Florida Tergar Meditation Group
In this weekend, we will learn how meditating on loving-kindness and compassion can open our hearts to the world around us and relax the self-centered tendencies that lead to anxiety, dissatisfaction, and suffering. Cultivating loving-kindness and compassion helps us to see the basic goodness that all beings share. By relating to others in an open-hearted way, we bring peace to the mind and develop a sense of confidence and purpose. This, in turn, naturally brings harmony to our relationships and enables us to work with challenging situations more effectively. To register go to  No one turned away due to finances. 

Mindfulness Meditation improves focus, emotional resilience and brings more joy into your life. Deepen and find support for keeping a daily practice. Drop ins are welcome!


All of the above programs are presented by the Venice Mindfulness Meditation Community. Mindfulness Meditation improves focus, emotional resilience and brings more joy into your life. Deepen and find support for keeping a daily practice. Drop ins are welcome although you will gain the most from regular attendance! Suggested fee for weekly classes: $10/class, or one monthly donation that covers all regular classes. All are welcome regardless of ability to pay.  Monthly contributions are tax deductible and support the Center [a 501(c)(3) charity] and a stipend for the teachers. Monthly Donation $40, Sponsors $45 - $60, Center Angels over $60.



  • Jillaurie Crane, M.A. is an educator and Interfaith Pastoral Counselor with over 40 years of meditation practice and study. She completed a seven year training in Buddhist studies, meditation instructor/teacher training and Seminary program leading to ordination as a Buddhist minister. As a meditation instructor and teacher she joyfully shares mindfulness meditation classes and workshops in a secular format. She is a retired psychotherapist.

  • Monk San & Bhante Chan. Both monks received ordination from Bhante Sujatha in Sri Lanka. They have a keen understanding of the teachings and western culture and helping us find inner peace. They are from the Sarasota Serenity Sangha.

  • Lama Karma Justin Wall (Visiting Teacher) graduate Columbia University English Literature and Religious Studies. He did two three- year retreats in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. He is an accredited facilitator of the 8 week Open Mindfulness Training through the Altruistic Open Mindfulness Network and the spiritual director of the Milarepa Retreat Center in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.

  • Jim Piekarski, LMFT, is the former Clinical Director of Phoenix of Santa Barbara, a mental health non-profit (now Crescend Health). He began his meditation practice in the late 1960s. He has since received teachings from many different teachers including Dr. Alan Wallace, Adyashanti, Ole Nydahl, and Joshu Sazaki Roshi. He is the author of Mastering Your Emotions: Seven Steps to Transforming Emotional Reactivity.