Ocean of Sound: Sacred Sound Bath,

with Will-I-Am Ward, 6:30 - 8pm,

every Third FRIDAY!

With a collection of 37 singing bowls, including crystal alchemy (infused with an element, mineral, or gemstone), antique Himalayan bowls (some dating to the 1500’s), tuned 36” gong and much more, William intuitively tunes in to the energy of the room and raises the vibration to God. Revealing the vast infinite Ocean of Sound; the vast infinite Ocean of existence that you/we are. Divine by nature. The more we remember, the less we forget.


When we utilize singing bowls, the fine harmonious vibrations instantly tune us to the frequency of our own essence. We are reminded in a flash that our essence, who we are, is not separate from the Absolute. The singing bowls serve as a beautiful reminder that all we need to learn…….is already within. Meditation transformed William's life from being an Internationally traveled Executive Chef; to caregiver; to vehicle for healing sound. His passion and persistence for meditation brought him to experience the "Divine Sound" within. An "Amazing Grace" which encompassed him in a tangible, alive state of peace.

After his experience, William had the realization that inner peace was even more important than food in our lives, which naturally changed his passion. Upon hearing the singing bowls, he was struck with remembrance. An external component was found, that helps him to express himself and the remembrance of this peace with others.