Our Values:

We are a vibrant community center providing hands-on education in the areas of health, well-being, sustainability, creative expression and community mutual-support. We believe in the basic goodness of each person and the ability for all of us to join in community to help actualize a world of cooperation, compassion, and creative solutions.

1. We value a Sense of Belonging. We are a welcoming community of acceptance, and openness where people form connections, build relationships and grow to trust themselves and others. There is a place for you here.

2. We value Diversity. Honoring difference, and embracing cultural individuality creates an atmosphere where all can feel welcome and valued. We strive to be inclusive, and are committed to uncovering our areas of prejudice and releasing bias in all our activities.

3. We value Loving Kindness. We may not always agree, yet accessing self-love and compassion, we can hold an intention of heart-centered goodwill that fosters collaboration and peace. We intend that our words and actions be ones of Loving-Kindness.

4. We value Wellness. In our natural state we are Whole, Divine, and Complete. We provide opportunities to return to a sense of a zest for life, through activities that support and strengthen individuals on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of their being.

5. We value Personal Growth. We support opportunities for changing lives, as individuals grow in self worth, and integrate transformational learning.

6. We value Stewardship. We feel a sense of being entrusted with the care of our planet and all sentient beings. We are committed to generosity, service, contributing, and sustainability.

If you have questions, concerns, want to volunteer, or donate, please contact

us at vhcc1@gmail.com