Special Event! The Three Ways of Naturally Settling: A Practice and Study Retreat with Lama Karma Justin Wall

Saturday, February 15th 10:30 – 4:30 and Sunday February 16th 10:30 – 3:00                  


Our ordinary experience offers us three opportunities to transform our lives and find the inner peace, joy, and liberation from suffering that we all wish for. The body, the breath, and the mind are said to be three “doors,” or points of contact between our inner and outer worlds, offering a path to dispel confusion and pain.


Through practice, as we learn to see and integrate these dimensions of experience, our habitual patterns release. In that release we have clear access to the openness, awareness, and warmth of our natural mind, which is altogether beyond the experience of self and other.  When you learn to abide in this way, you are naturally able to express generosity, experience forgiveness, feel love, and have compassion. 


The retreat will combine periods of meditation with discussion and teaching, as well as gentle movement practices.  Every effort will be made to make the practices as accessible as possible, grounded in the immediate experiences of the group.  This will be a wonderful opportunity to receive personal guidance on your meditation practice, or to learn tools and gain confidence to establish a new practice routine.  


PRE REGISTRATION required call 941-323-8033  by 2/10 - space is limited. Cost sliding scale $150 - $120 so all can attend. Some work study options are also available. Lunch is included.

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Lama Karma Justin Wall graduated with honors from Columbia University and did two three-year retreats in the Tibetan tradition. He is an accredited facilitator of the 8 week Open Mindfulness Training through the Altruistic Open Mindfulness Network and the spiritual director of the Milarepa Retreat Center in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.