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Our mission is to “To promote individuals’ peace within, compassion for all beings, spiritual growth, and an ethical way of life based on Buddhist principles.”



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Most people fail to see that there is a vast difference between solitude and loneliness. Even some forest-dwelling meditators or yogis mistake loneliness for solitude, and may end up in a crisis of faith. The presentation on solitude vs. loneliness will address and help understand the fine line between the two. The pandemic provides an opportunity to learn to be at peace with solitude and discover it as a source of joy and comfort.


Bhante Upananda is a Dharma teacher and mindfulness instructor with extensive knowledge and experience in serving the communities in the United States, Canada and and the Western Europe. A fully ordained Buddhist monk, originally from Sri Lanka, he holds Master’s Degrees in Religion, from the University of Cambridge, UK, and from Florida International University. 

Upanada is also a child, youth, and family guidance counselor. He has taught Buddhism and World Religion in Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, and in the United States. He also has vast experience in teaching mindfulness meditation at law enforcement agencies in the US.


Everyone is warmly invited to this special program. On Zoom Sunday March 21, 4 - 5:30 PM  EST. For information on accessing the class on Zoom, please call Blue Lotus at 941 323 8033 or email

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